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I gotta have it! What to do?

Set up a meeting, share your story, swap ideas.  It’ll be great!  No time?  We’re here to help!!  Find your style or just shop our loot

Not sure what you need?  We’re here to help!!  Or inquire about our design services. Either way, just send us some deets by connecting with us through our website, giving us a ring, or shooting us an email.  We’ll get you started asap.  

Just want us to check availability?  Submit a wishlist and we’ll get back to you asap with availability of your requests & info about gettin’ it there & back.  

Ready to seal the deal?  Once you confirm your wants & needs, we’ll send you a proposal with payment info.  Super easy!

I wanna see your stuff! How?

We’d love to show you what we’ve got!  Just shop our site and give us a holler.  Already shopped our site & still wanna see our loot in person?  Then connect with us through our website, ring us, or write us to let us know what dates & times work best for you to stop by.  We’re by appointment because we’re often out servicing your awesome events and spaces & the street-level doors of our penthouse do stay locked.

I really wanna plan ahead. But how far should I?

 As soon as you have your date(s) & venue/location!  Think Relics first!  Booking as early as possible gives you the advantage with more available loot.  We do offer a save-the-date retainer.  Otherwise, it’s up to you but first come, first serve with a payment or deposit. 

My planner, caterer or venue said they’ll supply the dishes, tables, chairs, etc. And they’re “included”. But I want yours!!

Have them contact us.  Chances are, they’re renting them from somewhere & hiding the cost in your fees. So why not have them rent the items from us?  Even if they have their own, we may be able to work something out. 

Save-the-date retainer! What is that?
It’s just like the save-the-date sent out for weddings! A save-the-date retainer is for those of you who want first dibs on all our loot & services for your date(s) but still unsure of specific rentals/services you’d like to use. A non-refundable save-the-date retainer of $5,000 can be paid to hold us & our loot for a specific date(s) with a two-day grace period if another person inquires about rentals/services for the same date(s). The $5,000 retainer will be fully applied to the deposit that is due at the time of reserving specific rentals/services. But hurry! First dibs for weekends book quickly!
I have ideas but don’t know how to put it together! Can you help?
We rock at this! Like what you see in the magazines & social media? All of those stunning photo shoots you see everywhere are set up & made pretty & placed by stylists (aka a keen-eyed detail-oriented loot-curating beautifying support team of unpackers & placers (aka decorators & design/installation team)).
Whether it’s one feature of your event or the whole affair, one room or the whole place, we’ll help you choose pieces or choose for you. Whether you’re undecided, or know of certain pieces you want but are unsure of how to pull it all together, or even if you have some of your own pieces to incorporate, we’ve got you covered.
Our process is simple. We’ll send those carefully-curated-by-us pieces (with some guidance tips of course) on their merry way for you & yours to set up & make pretty. OR we’ll show up, set up & make pretty: putting it all together, paying attention to the details, making it picture perfect. Either way, our design/installation team will be the ones making it all cohesive & unforgettable.
For events, our Design/Installation Services do NOT include planning or coordination services, but our design/installation team LOVES working with a coordinator/planner who acts as the project manager handling your timeline & logistics & ensuring your entire day runs smoothly from start to finish. These Design/Installation Services begin with a carefully curated customized order & must be reserved in advance. Please inquire.
Site visits are available upon request, billed at an hourly rate per rep plus mileage, must be paid in advance unless a confirmed order has already been placed. The first hour’s rate for one rep will be applied towards orders with a minimum of $1250 in rentals.
See our design services page for more info.
I want beautiful signage but have not-so-beautiful handwriting. Will you do it?
Our in-house artist is uh-mazing. Let us know you want Custom Writing & submit your content, then we’ll include a Custom Writing Quote in your order. Please submit content as soon as possible & no later than 14 days prior to your event to avoid a Rush Fee. Available for our chalkboards & mirrors or your own.
I want the D.I.Y. look but have no T.I.M.E. Will you create my custom ideas for me?
Sure can! We’ll give you a Custom Project quote for your custom ideas. Pricing is based on the size and scope of the Custom Project, and will also be impacted by the potential for future rentals.
I want it all. And I want it delivered. But how?
Don’t we all?! Ha! As a glorified moving & storage company (only with prettier stuff), logistics is our game!

Our Delivery/Retrieval Services are available for orders over $500 in rentals. Our team will deliver your pieces & go back afterwards to whisk them away. We charge a base rate of $125 each way plus mileage for up to a 15′ truck, but we gladly accommodate larger and long-distance orders. See maps below for a breakdown of order minimums based on distance.

After hours services (outside of 9a-4p Monday-Friday) are additional. Additional fees may be assessed for venues/locations requiring substantial time or effort at time of delivery/retrieval. Placement of large furniture items is included. Installation/Dismantling Services are also available and may be required for orders of a certain size. Meals may be required if reps are required to be onsite for an event flip. Will-call is available. You’re also welcome to work with courier services for smaller and same-day deliveries of eligible items if they’d like to pick up from us.

Prices for Delivery/Retrieval Services vary based on distance, physical size of order, service tier needed, and scheduled times. These services include the time & labor involved in loading the vehicle/trailer, driving to the venue/location, delivering all items on order, setting up all large furniture items (if present) according to floor plan, driving back to warehouse, returning to location to pick up items at end of rental period, driving back to warehouse, time & labor to unload vehicle/trailer, & place items back into warehouse.

See our Pricing Guide for more info.

I need help! Can you set-up, decorate, install?
Of course! So many times, a client or planner has great ideas in their head about how all of our pieces will come together the day of, but the actual doers, auntie or cousin or on-site coordinator/planner, don’t have the time to pull it off the day of or haven’t been relayed the same vision. That’s where we come in. After working closely with the client or planner & understanding their vision, nobody is better at pulling it off than our uber-talented installation team.

Our Installation Service of unpacking & placement (aka set-up or decorate) differs from our Delivery Service which includes placement of large furniture items ONLY but not unpacking the rest . Our Installation Service is carried out under the direction of the client or the client’s coordinator/planner, unless it’s a purely Relics-styled vignette/event. This Installation Service must be reserved in advance. Please inquire. Read here and see maps below for more info.

I want unforgettable! But want to forget clean-up.
Have no fear! Our friendly crew can pack up your pieces afterwards. Our Dismantling Service differs from our Retrieval Service which is pick up & not pack up. Our Dismantling Service of disassembly & packing up may be required for orders of a certain size to ensure our items are properly repacked for safe transportation to load out at the end of the event or rental period. Otherwise, it must be reserved in advance. Please inquire. Read here for more info.
I love to entertain but hate to clean the dishes! Won’t you?
We’ve got you covered! All of our food service items come washed & ready for service & we wash them upon return. Washing is included in the rental price.
What else do you do with all of this stuff?!
Short-term to long-term rentals: Contact us for extended rates. Great for retail/visual displays, commercial and residential staging, tradeshow exhibits, theater, rentals for apartment/home/office, etc. Check it out here.

Subscription services: COMING SOON! Read more about it here.

Space rental: See our space rental​ page for more info and pricing.

Commercial sourcing: Our ability to procure and curate amazing collections for the rental market doesn’t just stop there. While we’re out and about, we can certainly keep your wants and needs in mind. Read more about it here.

I’d rather spend $$$ on more rentals than delivery services. So can I pick up?
Sure! During normal business hours, Will-call orders can be picked up and dropped off at our warehouse, but rentals must be transported in a fully enclosed vehicle/trailer. We’ll have your order ready- all you need to bring is some help & moving supplies.

Will-call pick up & drop off are by appointment only. In order to accommodate any way we can, After Hours Will-call appointments are available for an additional fee so please inquire. Will-call may be unavailable for orders of a certain size so please inquire. Will-call orders under $250 will incur a handling fee to help reduce serious dock congestion.

CAREFUL! The majority of damages occur during transport & the client is responsible for all damages once rentals leave our dock (23). You’re also welcome to work with courier services for smaller and same-day deliveries of eligible items if they’d like to pick up from us.

I’m a china girl & I want yours! How does it work?
Nice dishes kick the party up several notches. Once you know your menu or which pieces you’ll need, let us know. We’ll check availability & get back to you asap with a wish list of your requests. All caterers welcome!

No idea where to start? We love this part! We’ll walk you through our collections & advise you on what will work best. Still can’t decide due to our over-the-top tabletop temptations? A complimentary Dish Consultation is in order. Or we can choose for you (06)!!

I’m claiming them for my event! So how long can I keep them?
We’ll have your reserved pieces packed & ready one-two days prior to your event. Pick them up or have them delivered a day or two before your event, and drop them off or have them picked up a day or two after! Our pricing is per event, not per day, for client’s convenience! Please inquire for extended rental rates longer than four days.

Please note that during the DNC and other peak times, event orders will be subject to single-day event rental rates for each 24-hour period out of our warehouse.

My location is out of town. That okay?
Yaaaasssss!!!! We are travel size & so is our loot. We offer Delivery Services (09) & Will-call appointments (14). Currently, we do not ship within the continental U.S. For long distance venues, extended event rental rates (with required order amounts based on distance) & mileage fees apply, and overnight accommodations (and/or meals for the reps if onsite for an event flip) may be required. See maps below for more info, then please inquire. For inquiries outside of the continental U.S., please call us directly.
Can I combine my loot with your loot?
Of course! But keep awfully good notes of whose goes where so all make it back to the right home. This will help you avoid some hefty replacement fees (23).
I only need a few things. Do you require a minimum?
Nope! No order is too small! But for advanced reservations and delivery orders, let us know if you need help or want to stop in. We’d love to assist you in finding additional items to meet the minimum for those services.

For delivery orders, required order amounts vary by distance beginning at $500 in rentals so please inquire.

Advanced reservations are always recommended. However, the Blush, Hollywood, Glenda, & Lady Rose Seating and throne chairs are for delivery orders only.

For orders less than $250 in rentals, just ring us and we’ll take your order over the phone. For appointments the week of your rental date(s), we will try to accommodate pending our schedule & loot availability. A 10% Rush Fee applies to allow our staff to prepare the contract, process the payment, schedule the drop-off appointment, pull the items, and prepare them, all on short notice while you wait. (See 14 regarding will-call pick up/drop off policies and handling fee and see 23 regarding the 15% limited damage waiver.) Please allow at least one hour for the appointment.

If you’re one of our “friendors”, just ring us!

It's down to the wire & I need some things! Can you help me?
No worries! For last-minute/month-of inquiries, just contact us ASAP. But keep in mind: we & our loot are quite busy during peak season with limited availability so advanced reservations (01) are recommended. Although we’ll try to accommodate any last minute requests (i.e. within 14 days), we reserve the right to charge a Rush Fee, especially for items requiring prepping or packing (i.e. small items, dishes, chalkboards, etc.).

If you’re one of our “friendors”, just ring us!

So many pretties to choose from! Can I change my mind?
Yep! Excluding custom orders, order changes can be made but we don’t give refunds or credits. Although we’ll try to accommodate any last-minute changes (i.e. within 14 days), we reserve the right to charge a Rush Fee, especially for items requiring prepping or packing (i.e. small items, dishes, chalkboards, etc.). If you’re one of our “friendors”, just ring us!
The dishes will look lovely! But what happens after it’s over?
Rinse them off & check the packing slips to place them back in their original containers reusing the supplied packing materials. This is typically done by the catering staff, otherwise our Dismantling Service (11) is available. For event orders of a certain size, we may require that our reps be on site to receive Relics inventory after each course & properly repack for safe transportation to load out at the end of the event.

Oops! I damaged it! What happens?
We charge a mandatory non-refundable 10% Limited Damage Waiver for delivery orders and 15% Limited Damage Waiver for will-call orders to cover use & lovin’ (aka normal wear & tear: small nicks, small spots, small scratches, etc.). However, accidents happen. Things get misplaced. Dishes get dropped. It rains. The client is responsible for gross mishandling or negligence of our rentals, including careless packing for transport, damage from inclement weather, or rentals & equipment not returned. Insert frowny face emoji.

Because we are a specialty rentals boutique, we source and maintain items that are unique to the rental market. As a result, our procurement and maintenance costs are higher than many standard rental operations. Due to higher procurement costs of tabletop items (such as non-wood/non-metal (i.e. glass, porcelain, etc) candle & floral items, food/beverage service items, & mirrored items), any irreparable or unreturned tabletop items will be five times the rental fee. Unless covered by the Limited Damage Waiver, all other items’ repair & replacement costs will be determined by an RR-chosen repairer/appraiser. Credit card info is required at time of reservation to cover repairs & replacements.

Still have questions?
We have answers.