Relics Trunk Club

Terms & Conditions

3-month minimum.

Cancel anytime afterwards.**

No return dates.

Relics Trunk Club Membership includes:

  • 5 spots on rotation at a time with a 5-day turnaround for swaps.
  • Easy returns. Drop off at our place OR we’ll come and get it!
  • Free cleaning. Love to entertain but hate to clean? We’ll do the dishes!
  • Opt for delivery OR pick up at our place.
  • Need to plan ahead? 10% members-only discount off the normal rental price to reserve rentals in advance.
  • Don’t worry about normal use and lovin’. Limited damage waiver included.
  • Flexibility to rent more! Extra spots can always be added to your plan for 39. + tax per spot!
  • Fall in love with one of your items and no longer want shared adoption? Contact us and we may cut a deal.

Flexible spots: earn a free spot for 30 days for a friend referral!

1-spot Items-

  • one tub, crate, bag, or rack of smallwares*

  • one medium item (too large for a tub, rack, or crate)

  • 75-minutes urban studio rental per month*

  • one creative consult (by phone or in person to help you determine and curate your rental needs) or if you want us to choose items for you, per month*

4-spot Items-

  • one large or heavy item carried by two people (lounge chair, settee, sofa, sideboard, dining table, large rug, backdrop structure, etc)

*These items are NOT included in the Basic plan

Start with 5 spots out on rotation at a time! Add more spots anytime for 39. + tax per spot!

All spots do not have to be returned or swapped at the same time.


The following conditions apply for Relics Trunk Club members only:

  • Reserve items for pickup or swaps 5-30 days out when you schedule your item return. Otherwise, for more advanced reservations, items are available to rent at 10% off the regular rental rate to members only.

  • Up to 9 additional spots can be added for a total of 14 spots rented out at a time. Additional items are available to rent at 10% off the regular rental rate to members only.

  • Pickups at our warehouse, including swaps, require a minimum of 5 days notice to prepare your order and are available by appointment so we can be sure and have your items ready for pickup. Drop-offs at our warehouse are available during certain business hours, or by appointment and standard conditions apply.

  • Standard conditions apply for any orders, appointment changes or requests less than 5 days out.

  • Delivery within Milwaukee County requires a minimum of 7 days notice and is available monthly (see base rates below) so please contact us to schedule this service. Standard conditions apply for any additional deliveries or retrievals, or any that are requested less than 7 days out.

  • For all swaps, ample time is required for us to assess the returned items before releasing additional items.

  • Free retrieval within Milwaukee County of single-spot items can only be combined with delivery. Free retrieval within Milwaukee County of one extra large furniture item can only be combined with delivery of one extra large furniture item.

  • Monthly base rates for members for MKE county:

        ◦ 39. to deliver 1-3 spots

        ◦ 99. to deliver 4-5 spots

        ◦ 39. to retrieve 1-3 spots

        ◦ 99. to retrieve 4-5 spots

  • Whites, ivories, or light-colored upholstered furniture available for business members only. Otherwise, they’re available to rent at 10% off the regular rental rate to all other members.

  • Items that are for other confirmed orders will be subjected to a strict return date scheduled at the time of reservation. Orders returned after an agreed upon return date will incur a late fee of 50. per day per order. Members are liable for all late fees, regardless of any third-party involved with the return.

  • Relics’ staff will pack all smallwares into size-appropriate containers (size deemed by us) for safe transport. Any lost packaging (tubs, totes, crates, racks, etc) will incur a 75. fee per item.

  • **Please email us any time at [email protected] to switch or to cancel your membership and schedule return of your items. If cancellation is before the 3-month subscription minimum, then your remaining balance will be charged to the card on file.