The Relics Cult

No kool-aid. No enlightenment. Just gratitude in the form of our own little rewards program.

As a supplier, we value collaboration with industry personnel to help them elevate the experiences and environments they create. Our success is due to the efforts of everyone in our industry that have supported us throughout the years, especially our planners, venue personnel, and real estate professionals, because we love a good referral. For those planners and stagers that keep coming back, our Relics Loyals, and for the venue personnel, real estate pros, and other event pros that connect us with clients, our Relics Ambassadors, we want to give thanks where it is due: through The Relics Cult. Perks include preferred pricing, access to Relics Spaces, and much more.

The Path to Joining

For those who place orders directly with us, we’ll induct you as a Relics Loyal once you spend $20K in rentals within a calendar year.

For the venues or event pros’ events where our rentals frequent, we’ll induct one venue salesperson or event pro as a Relics Ambassador for every $20K in rentals that we service at your venue or events within a calendar year.

And for the properties where our rentals are staged, we’ll induct one real estate pro as a Relics Ambassador for every $20K in rentals that we service at your listed properties within a calendar year.

You’ll then be able to start enjoying the discount and other exclusive perks!


Discount cannot be combined with other discounts/promos. | Perks are valid through remainder of calendar year and the following calendar year (January 1 – December 31). | Discount applies to rental items only. | Discount only applies to orders initiated by a member. | Perks are non-transferrable. | Discount cannot apply to a first order of $20k+ in rentals.

Followers will be rewarded.

Your events/projects went from forgettable to unforgettable, from bare to Instagram-worthy and eternally epic. You deserve retribution, er, member perks, for the remainder of the year and the next calendar year. Enjoy.

01. Preferred Pricing

Receive 10% off rentals.

02. Relics Works Access

Enjoy our coworking space and

private office for your own

client meetings.

03. Relics Studio Access

Enjoy our studio for content

creation & styled shoots.

04. Relics Showroom Access

Enjoy our showroom for private

appointments including client tablescape mockups.

05. Annual Party

Receive an invitation to

our annual celebration.

09. Website Feature

Have your business featured

in multiple places on our website.

06. Headshots

Get a new headshot!

10. A Day of Pep + R & R

Relics Loyals & Ambassadors enjoy a day of rest and relaxation with just enough pep thrown in to end a busy season!

07. Instagram Feature

Have your business featured

on our Instagram stories and feed.

08. Annual Gift

Receive Relics merch.

Wanna join?

 Email us to find out how close you are to joining!