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Crushing on our brand?

Then let Relics be your design resource.

Hey hotels, caterers, restaurants, bars, bakers, dessert makers, shops, & spas!

  • Dig our vibe to transform your stale interiors?
  • Wanna kick it up a notch with our top-layer styling and propping?
  • Wanna up your game with food/beverage presentations or tablescaping done our way?
  • Wishing for a seasonal decor refresh to stay on-trend for your customer-facing spaces?
  • Need those shop windows magically reinvented for the ‘Gram?
  • Dreamin’ of a way to create fresh eye-candy content on the reg?
  • Or just gotta have candles galore?

We’re the ace up your sleeve as your design resource.

We offer convenience…

for the fast-paced hospitality industry and the ever-changing retail biz: from prop & display rentals, to monthly or seasonal subscriptions, custom builds, product sourcing, and installation.

Plain boring mass-produced imported decor, dishes and tabletop items are not our jam. And if you’re reading this, then they’re not yours either. As proponents of the slow-style movement, we believe that elevating your client’s experience can only be done with repurposed pieces, natural elements, & bespoke artisanal wares.


For restaurants, bars, hotels, and spas: We can provide set up, maintenance, and swaps of our rentals and decor, especially our Haute Candle Collection, as a weekly, monthly, or seasonal service. Or reach out for custom builds & product sourcing, styling, & decorating needs. For places that want the high-end look or use candles daily in large quantities, consider our Haute Candles. We can provide wicks and wax granules to sustain our Haute Candles for daily use for a fixed monthly price based on your volume.


For shops: contact us for your retail display needs. For a change of scenery, we can swap out unique merchandise display furniture and deck out store windows. We also offer custom builds and product sourcing for display furnishings and props.


For restaurants, bars, bakers, caterers, and dessert makers: Your menu offerings are intentional. The wares you present them on should be too. Our ability to source and curate an unrivaled catalog of wares doesn’t stop at events. Talk to us about your vision.

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