House + Biz

Want our look for those temporary periods?

From one month to one year or in between, conveniently choose what works for you, your short-term rental, temporary corporate/executive housing, apartment, restaurant, office, or just waiting on permanent furnishings.

Want move-in ready?

For turnkey services, our design & installation team is here to help!

  • Just tell us a few details such as when, where, about your style and the space,
  • then we’ll take care of the rest: delivered, setup, and fully styled and furnished.

Wanna pick out your rentals?

  • Send over your wishlist of items* with the date(s) you need them,
  • then we’ll get back to you with our extended rates.
  • will-call pickup at our place or delivery is available.

Longer leases = lower monthly rates.

Rentals are priced per piece so you can rent only what you need. Packages are available. For reference, one fully furnished room typically starts at 1000. per month.

*Please note that certain items in our inventory are only partygoers and may not be available for extended-time use and lovin’. Therefore, we offer product sourcing.

Concierge services…

Want our eye but not quite ready to bite on freshening your furnishings & decor? We offer onsite walkthroughs, from color consultations to redesign recommendations, as a minimal investment to update your interiors.

Want our look for your short-term rental or home or vacation property? Or for your restaurant, spa, or office? From fully furnished to a freshen-up, we can help make your spaces inviting and camera-ready.

Check out our Investment Guide then inquire here.

Crushing on our brand and want the full monty? Pricing is 3. per square foot and product purchases are additional. If product purchases exceed 35. per square foot, then design is included. Design includes vision boards, product discovery, design boards, floor plan, procurement, receiving, warehousing, delivery (outside Milwaukee County is additional), and styling.

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