Furniture and Decor Rentals for Home Staging

For Real Estate Professionals + Designers + Homeowners + STR Owners

Let us do us
you can do you.

Tailor-made for your space.

We work with stagers and homeowners and more, as a supplier of furniture and decor rentals, so you can handle the coordination of everything else. Let us handle the hassle and expense of procuring, owning, moving, storing, and maintaining rentals.

Our extensive experience with transforming blank canvases and enriching base layers for your most important events is suitable for the staging market of vacant or occupied spaces. Check out our work here and here!

To the trade:

Because we LOVE working with industry partners, we offer exclusive benefits to approved trade professionals. Contact us to learn more.

This is a fact: stage stylishly, sell swiftly.

With our curated packages or a custom order tailor-made for your space,

  • we’ll show up, set up & make pretty.

  • Putting it all together,

  • paying attention to the details,

  • making it picture perfect.

Read here for more info.

Need it fast?

We’re the ace up your sleeve and your most environmentally sustainable one-stop full service rental solution and resource.

Our installation team has you covered:

  • Delivered,

  • setup,

  • and fully styled.

  • Afterwards, we’ll whisk it all away.

With our simple process, you’ll:

  • Save time and money.

  • Save effort and energy.

  • Save space and upkeep.

  • No need to drive all over and schlep and spend then store away later.

  • Instead, you (as a stager) can focus on your clients and growing your business

  • or moving on to your next phase (as a homeowner).

Pre-listing consultations & more…

Want our eye but not our loot just yet? We offer onsite walkthroughs, from pre-listing, color, or redesign consultations to occupied staging recommendations, as a minimal investment to get that staged look or update the interiors. 

Want our look for your rental property? From fully furnished to a freshen-up, we can help make your short-term rentals, a.k.a. Airbnb and VRBO properties, camera-ready.

Check out our Investment Guide then inquire here.

    Frequently Asked Questions About


    Wait a sec. Are you a planner/coordinator/stager?

    NOPE. But PLEASE consider hiring one if you haven’t already.


    Think of them as your consultant &/or general contractor. Not only can they advise you on what to expect, but they can also handle the vendor/subcontractor procurement, contracts, and appointments, coordination, details, and logistics leading up to the event and ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish, while we make things picture perfect with our rentals and decor.

    Do Home Stagers Rent Furniture?
    Yes, home stagers often rent furniture and decor items to maximize the appeal of the home or office space they are offering for sale or lease. Rental furnishings allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. Custom-curated home staging furniture and decor like Relics Rentals’ unique vintage and bohemian piecesadd drama and ensure every space is unforgettable. 
    Do Homeowners Get to Keep the Staging Furniture?
    No, home staging furniture and decor are generally rented for the day of an open house event. When the event is over, the furniture is returned to the rental company. The furniture and decor can also be rented for the duration of the sale or leasing process, allowing the home to be shown furnished.
    What Happens to Staging Furniture When You’re Done Using It?

    Staging furniture is typically removed from the property once the staging period is over. Professional home stagers often rent furniture and decor to maximize a rental or open house location’s appeal. Once the home or apartment is sold or leased, the rental company will generally schedule a time and date to come pick up the furniture and decor items. The rental furniture company will rent them to the next home staging client. Home staging furnishings are often used in photo shoots, theatre productions, and special events as well.

    How to Stage Furniture in a Small Living Room?

    Staging furniture in a small living room requires strategic placement and the use of appropriately sized and styled pieces to create an inviting and spacious feel. If you are staging a home with a smaller room, you will want to choose carefully to avoid making the room feel even smaller.

    Opt for a small lightweight loveseat or settee in a pale neutral shade rather than a large sectional or sofa. Look for tailored furniture pieces elevated on slender legs to show as much of the floor as possible. For the ultimate cheat, lean a large floor mirror against one wall to visually expand the size of the room.

    How Much Does Home Staging Furniture Rental Cost?

    Providing one definitive cost for home staging furniture rental is impossible. The cost of renting furnishings to stage your home will vary depending on location, rental company, scope of services, timeline, and more.

    However, when it comes to delivering maximum drama at an affordable price, Relics Rentals is hard to match.