Exclusive Signature Portfolio-Building Styled Shootouts

The pandemic is over. (Praise the heavens.) In-person parties are upon us.
Now it’s time to create some awesome content!
INTRODUCING: Relics’ Exclusive Signature Portfolio-Building Styled Shootouts!
Yup! Here it is!!
Pulling off easy AND stunning portfolio-building content is…cost-effective and simple?
Said no one EVER. Until now.
Check out past shootouts here!


  • Who loves easy? Who loves seriously stunning? You do.
  • Who appreciates all the fresh beautiful details but would rather be shooting them than dealing with them? You do.
  • Who values inspirational images to attract your desired clients, but also values creativity & your time? You do.
  • Who dreams of shooting a publication-worthy brand-building styled shoot setup featuring the latest weddings trends? You do.
  • Pandemic or somethin’ got your portfolio stagnant? Read on.


  • Instagram-worthy venue with Relics’ carefully curated ceremony setup, tablescape, lounge, dessert vignette, and flatlay pieces? Check.
  • High-impact fresh floral decor, backdrop installation, arrangements, and bouquets, all floralized to the nines by amazing florist pros? Check.
  • Glorious cake with the complete eye-candy setup? Check.
  • Bespoke invitations and flatlay station? Check.
  • A rad team of seasoned professional decorators and stylists (a.k.a. a keen-eyed detail-oriented loot-curating beautifying support team of unpackers & placers) who understand the big picture and “sweat the small stuff”, that’ll do the hard work and attend to the details (all required to pull off a picture-perfect day)? Check.
  • Plus, professional models who really can strike a pose in gorgeous gowns/suits perfectly primped by pro MUAH artists? Check.
  • Topped off with an A-list onsite coordinator boss babe pro and concierge to ensure a smooth experience? Check.​

Artfully designed, fully planned, all-inclusive, styled, delivered, & supremely executed…by who?

yours truly + our rockstar vendor partners

I absolutely loved being a part of this shootout! The quality of this shoot exceeded my expectations! I would totally pay for my ticket (and more) again! I loved all the florals and they got the most incredible models. Highly would recommend snagging a ticket for the next one!!

– Ashlea

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: the prices are dumb and you are winning in all things because of it.  Creative portfolio-building content CAN come with affordable hassle-free flat rate pricing.


Book here.

Only 30 tickets available!

Trust me…you won’t wanna miss.


We love all things Wisconsin. Obvs. It’s our stomping grounds. And our local vendor partners are deep on that list. They’ve been so awesome to work with showering us with praise. We reciprocate hard. So so hard…by curating incredibly talented rockstar vendor teams to work their magic! Check ’em out in the info page for each.


You have just under miniscule human life hours to take advantage of the 30 limited tickets that we have going on right now.

Wanna gift one to your fave photog? Sure can.

Whether newbie or seasoned pro: always wanted to shoot a styled shoot as a way to build your portfolio? This is the perfect super time-saving hassle-free smart alternative!

Why only 30 tickets? To keep your groups small (only five photogs per group) so you can each have ample space to get great shots at each of six vignettes, along with ample time of 20-minute increments per vignette.

BUT since we have soooo many tryna content plan during uncertain times…

We will be announcing more dates soon at sweet hangs around Milwaukee. Holler at us if you want on the waitlist. Otherwise, keep checking back for new arrivals.


Currently scouting in the Milwaukee hood and vicinity, but reach out. Alla us are travel size.


You just need to get your trigger finger and camera ready, and we’ll send over all deets and timeline so don’t you worry ’bout a thing. 🙂


Pat yourself on the back. You’ve got amazing content! Edit, share, and tag all over the place. We can’t wait to take a peak at it!

Q & A:

Wait a sec! Are you a planner?


But we brushed up on our certified planning and design courses books, gathered our many years of professional event industry experience, plus slayin’ all types of styled shoots, and planned these awesome unrivaled fully styled and floralized shootouts!

(YES. We did take those courses. NO. We don’t offer planning services. So any custom shootout wishes outside of our pre-planned ones would be directed to one of our planner faves.)

I’m a venue/planner/model/supplier, so can I work with you?!

YASSS!!! If you’re a venue. planner, professional model, or supplier, and wish to be considered as a partner for any of our future shootouts, please reach out to us here!

Please note that in order to ensure a high level of quality and service to our exclusive signature event clients, we give partnership priority to those vendors whom we have worked with in the past. If we have yet to work with you, then please reach out to us asap. since we would LOVE to get to know you and work with you soon!

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