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We provide a certain art and soul to spaces with our pieces and details we curate.

We’re here to make this as easy as possible.

01. Want our help?

02. No idea where to start?

03. Not sure what all to add to that wishlist?

Let’s Get Started

Since we know our inventory inside and out, we’re the best at pulling together all the rentals and decor needed for a perfectly styled and cohesive event/space.

01. Just tell us a few details in the form below such as when, where, about your style and the space.

02. Then we’ll take care of the rest: fully styled, delivered, and setup!

Service Offerings

01. DESIGN/STYLING CONSULT: a.k.a. Sixty minutes of therapy.

We got this. We’re the ace up your sleeve.

02. ONSITE STYLING: Boom. Just like that.

Our rockstar team of stylists and decorators (a.k.a. a keen-eyed detail-oriented loot-curating beautifying support team of unpackers & placers) does parties and spaces like nobody’s business. Read on for more info about our installation & dismantling services.


03. FULL-ON DESIGN AID: We’ll do one part or the whole dang affair with our expansive source of inventory and decor.

If you’re the architect for your event, then think of us as the interior designer who determines all the necessary eye-candy details to pull the whole thing off. If it’s for your space, and you’re the visionary with the concept, then think of us as the interior decorator to execute your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions About


Wait a sec. Are you a planner/coordinator/stager?

NOPE. But PLEASE consider hiring one if you haven’t already.


Think of them as your consultant &/or general contractor. Not only can they advise you on what to expect, but they can also handle the vendor/subcontractor procurement, contracts and appointments, coordination, details, and logistics leading up to the event and ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish, while we make things picture perfect.

For design &/or styling assistance, please begin by filling out the form below!