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We provide a certain art and soul to spaces with the pieces and details we curate.

We’re here to make this as easy as possible.

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Since we know our inventory inside and out, we’re the best at pulling together all the rentals and decor needed for a perfectly styled and cohesive event/space.

01. Just tell us a few details in the form below such as when, where, about your style and the space.

02. Then we’ll take care of the rest: delivered, setup, & fully styled!

Service Offerings


a.k.a. Thirty minutes of therapy. We got this. We’re the ace up your sleeve. Fill out the form below to get started. 


We’ll do one part or the whole dang affair with our expansive source of rentals and decor. If you’re the architect for your event and the visionary with the concept, then think of us as the interior designer to execute your vision. If it’s for your space, then think of us as the interior decorator who determines all the necessary eye-candy details to pull the whole thing off.

Initial creative consult, design deck, and onsite styling are the winning combo. Site visit may be required. Private in-person appointments are optional. Recommended for clients who need assistance with their vision and are looking to source the majority of their rentals and decor from us.


An offsite creative consultation with one of our designers. Initial creative consult required prior to booking.


Boom. Just like that. Our rockstar team of stylists and decorators (a.k.a. a keen-eyed detail-oriented loot-curating beautifying support team of unpackers & placers) does parties and spaces like nobody’s business. Read on for more info about our installation & dismantling services.


We offer four main options for viewing rentals in person prior to an event.

PRIVATE APPOINTMENT- You can book a private appointment at our place for a one-on-one design experience with an in-house designer. Get an intimate look at our collections, work with our team to build your vision, get help finding exactly what you are looking for, and even create a mockup. This service is complimentary. Initial creative consult required prior to scheduling.

Want assistance shopping our virtual store instead? Request a virtual shopping experience, or a private appointment outside of store hours. (A contracted professional planner/designer or confirmed order required for appointments outside store hours.)

IN-HOUSE PRESENTATION– Connect with one of our designers to put together a custom edit, aka mockup, of your order or wishlist to view at a private appointment. Build on the basic essentials, try something unexpected, or outfit your vision with well-appointed details. We’re here to help you find the perfect selection. Complimentary for tabletop presentations if a confirmed order has already been placed. Initial creative consult required prior to booking.

We welcome bringing any linen/samples, florals, paper goods and/or any other elements you’re incorporating into your design to get a better idea of how our pieces complement.

OFFSITE PRESENTATIONFor meetings held offsite, looking to rent all tabletop and/or decor elements for their event from us, an RR Principal and/or Manager will bring tabletop and/or decor samples of pre-determined interest to the offsite location (floral/designer studio, etc.), and lead clients through building their tabletop look start to finish. Start with an initial creative consult to book your offsite mockup appointment.

WILL-CALL of samples for pickup/drop-off from our warehouse for offsite meetings, mockups, etc. Before booking your rental reservation, we can provide one sample of each collection/piece you are interested in seeing. If an order has already booked, we can provide up to four place settings for a formal mockup or tasting.