We’re super flattered you considered us, and we want your project to be a success for everyone so please fill out the form below to get started and to make sure we’re all on the same page from the get-go. Please note that we do a very limited number of these per year for our loyal vendor partners as a way to show our gratitude, so please submit your form as soon as possible.

In addition to submitting the form below, please submit a completed Styled Shoot Agreement & Sponsor/Partner Request Form in order to be considered for our complimentary or discounted rentals and services for your styled shoot.

Please note that certain vendor partners may wear many hats within one styled shoot so please include their info in each field that is applicable to their multiple roles.

  • Completing this form will be a work in progress so please update us as soon as information is received.
  • Please keep in mind that we’re more likely to consider participating, and in what capacity, with the more information we know up front.
  • We request that all info be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the shoot date.
  • After rentals are determined, a rental order contract for signing and submitting will follow.
  • Our own schedule, the date, start/end times if known, venue location, and the need for our delivery services: all of the above will determine if we are available and in what capacity we may assist you. If we are unable to accommodate delivery and on-site assistance, will-call is available by appointment at our warehouse.

Styled Shoot Info Form

"*" indicates required fields

Participating Planner Partners

Publisher's Business Name, Contact Info and Social Media Handles 

...if known. If TBD, then list the publications that you will be submitting to. The publisher is typically the producer of the styled shoot, if determined beforehand, and may also be the concept designer. Please note that in order to receive discounted or in-kind rentals for your styled shoot, RR requires that it is submitted for publication. Otherwise, please refer to our website for standard rental rates for commercial marketing shoots.
Producer(s) Business Name, Contact Info and Social Media Handles
The producer is the one paying for all of the expenses. The producer may be the publisher, or just one vendor, or multiple vendors all sharing the expenses equally. Potential expenses may include but not limited to:

  • Compensating any vendors for any of their upfront costs such as additional staff and/or furniture movers, trucks, professional models, venue rental fee, etc.
  • Flowers, handmade paper for stationers, special ingredients for the desserts or beverages, special makeup, providing snacks and drinks onsite the day of, etc.
  • Assumes responsibility of any potential risks and their associated costs by signing the venue and/or rental contracts and submitting valid credit card info for incidentals (i.e. any damages to venue and/or rentals).
Concept Designer's Business Name, Contact Info and Social Media Handles 
Think of this person as the architect of the shoot.  They're responsible for the conceptualization and overall vision.
Creative Director's Business Name, Contact Info and Social Media Handles
Think of this person as the interior designer who oversees and executes the overall vision of the architect and works closely with the stylists and coordinator.
Planner/Coordinator's Business Name, Contact Info and Social Media Handles
Think of this person as the general contractor. If they do their job sufficiently, we think they're one of the most important components of a styled shoot and we strongly advise that you bring one on board right away. We find the best results are from shoots that have a planner involved so the photog and other vendors can focus on what they do best. Therefore, in order to receive discounted or in-kind rentals for your styled shoot, RR requires a planner be involved.

  • Works closely with the creative director and producer and designer to build a top notch vendor team.
  • If the location/venue is not already determined, then this person may scout multiple venues/locations to find the perfect backdrop for the overall vision working closely with the creative director and producer and designer.
  • Handles all of the coordination, details, and logistics leading up to the shoot (including COUNTLESS emails, phone calls, meetings/appointments, texts!!) and ensures the day runs smoothly on the day of from start to finish, including having sufficient staff and troubleshooting, and will adequately handle all of the follow up following the shoot (i.e. getting photos to all of the vendors, including vendor tags/handles and contact info, etc).
Stylist's Business Name, Contact Info and Social Media Handles
A.k.a. a keen-eyed, detail-oriented, fashion/loot-curating beautifying support team of unpackers & placers.

  • Beforehand, they determine all the necessary eye-candy details to pull the whole thing off.
  • On the day of, they unpack, set up, and make pretty.
  • There may be multiple stylists involved (i.e. décor, food, fashion, etc). Please also include the stylist(s) that will be onsite the day of.

Participating Supplier Partners

Professional Photographer's Business Name, Contact Info and Social Media Handles If they're not submitting the images for publication, then who is?
Florist's Business Name, Contact Info and Social Media Handles
Onsite/Venue Coordinator's Business Name, Contact Info and Social Media Handles
Other Supplier Partners' Business Name, Contact Info and Social Media Handles (i.e. dessert/cake, MUAH, fashion & accessories, caterer, lighting, stationer, models and/or agency, etc.)


Please think twice before using items from big box stores and promoting them by tagging them and giving them free marketing/advertising from posts from the shoot. This greatly affects how much and in what capacity we are willing to participate in this and your future shoots. There are just too many local small businesses and artisans and makers trying to make a go of it and need our support and would love to collaborate. Need help sourcing? We can certainly refer you to artisans and makers to source bespoke wares and fashions and unique elements and extra details.

Additionally, because we are a rental company with a vast array of inventory, we prefer that ALL props, decor, tabletop items, dishes, candle and floral vessels, lighting, and, whenever possible, furniture, etc. be provided by Relics.  Yep.  So we can actually use the photos in our various marketing platforms and avoid clients requesting items that we don’t have.

Food, desserts, floral, jewelry, clothing, MUAH, planning/coordinating/styling services, photography, and venue are the exceptions.  

We require immediate notification and with as much detail as possible if there are any other exceptions.  Failure to notify us of other exceptions in advance may affect our willingness to participate in future collaborations.

Will you be using rental items from any other vendors besides RR? If so, we require a list of all other rentals with their business name(s). 
Will you be using any other props/décor/furniture pieces outside of RR's inventory, whether they be your own or someone else’s? If so, please provide a detailed list.


Please consider the time of day for the shoot. We've had glaring sunlight wreak havoc on past shoots due to poor choice of scheduling (i.e. shadows, squinty eyes, zebra-stripe shadows from arbors, etc). For outdoor shoots, super early morning or golden hour is best (unless midday is overcast which is ideal or unless you have proper equipment). For indoors with windows, please consider the backlighting and the direction the windows are facing when scheduling.

Is RR to provide delivery/retrieval services and/or onsite assistance? If yes, please provide the following info:

  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Load in date(s) & time windows
  • Load out date(s) & time windows
  • Rain Date (if outdoors & required)
Otherwise, for will-call orders:
  • Pickup Appointment Date & Time
  • Drop-off Appointment Date & Time