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Pop-Up Wedding Events


Pandemic is over. (Praise the heavens.) In-person parties are upon us.

And it’s time to get hitched!

We here at Relics Rentals are beside ourselves! 

“Why”, you ask? 

Well it’s because we’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now. So when things got weird, we decided now’s the perfect time!

Drumroll please…

We want to present to you with the most ingenious concept to arrive on the Milwaukee wedding scene!



Yes. Finally! They’re here!!

Small, tiny, petite, micro, mini, pop-up, intimate, low key, whatevs weddings.

Currently accepting good wedding vibes? Say no more.

Because our stylish pop up weddings are so insanely perfect, they’ll make you wanna forget

stupid pandemic-related hassles. Or the fact that pulling off easy AND stunning is…

cost-effective and simple?

Said no one EVER. Until now.


  • Who loves easy? Who loves seriously stunning? You do.

  • Who relishes all the details but would rather be carefree havin’ fun? You do.

  • Who values creativity & adventure with a smidgen of luxe? You do.

  • COVID got your matrimony dreams, like, meh? Read on.


  • Instagram-worthy venue with Relics’ carefully curated ceremony seating, furniture, and decor? Check.

  • High-impact fresh floral decor, bouquet, and boutonniere, plus bespoke invitations? Check.

  • Eloquent licensed officiant presenting customized vows just for you, and an instrumental trio? Check.

  • Glorious desserts and mocktails for up to 40 guests? Check.

  • Wanna have your cake and eat it, too? Check.

  • Plus a champagne toast, first dance, and special send-off for the two of you? Check.

  • All topped off with an A-list professional photographer capturing each meaningful moment plus an onsite wedding coordinator boss babe pro and concierge to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience? Check.

  • Artfully designed, fully planned, all-inclusive, styled, delivered, & supremely executed…by who?

      yours truly + our rockstar vendor partners

Relics Rentals throws the best pop-up weddings! My small wedding was every ounce as beautiful as a huge wedding! Jan and the Relics team are absolutely amazing at what they do! They put together an entire dream wedding and brought together such a great cast of vendors. Highly recommend Relics Rentals for their friendly attitudes and their gorgeous design and vision!

– Katie

EQUALS 90 minutes of matrimony celebration and bliss. 

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: the prices are dumb and you are winning in all things because of it. Epic and dreamy CAN come with affordable flat rate pricing.


Trust me…you won’t wanna miss.

  • Choose from the preselected dates and time intervals.

  • Send it on over.

  • Or just message us.

  • We’ll be in touch asap with all the deets! 


We love all things Milwaukee. Obvs. It’s our stomping grounds. And our local vendor partners are deep on that list. They’ve been so awesome to work with showering us with praise. We reciprocate hard. So so hard…by curating incredibly talented rockstar vendor teams to work their magic for each set of pop up wedding dates! Check ’em out in the info pages for each.



So you have just under miniscule human life hours to take advantage of these current limited time slots that we have going on right now.

Wanna gift one to your fave couple? Sure can. Ring us or write us.

Eloping or thinking of a vow renewal?! These are perfect!

BUT since we have soooo many tryna matrimony plan during uncertain times…

SO as a way to help YOU (cough, cough…US vendor partners), we will be announcing 2026 dates soon at sweet hangs around Milwaukee. HUSTLE UP 2026 soon-to-be-engaged peeps…this eagle’s ’bout to take flight.

Holler at us if you want on the waitlist. Otherwise, keep checking back for new arrivals.


Currently scouting in the Milwaukee hood only, but reach out. Alla us are travel size.


You just need to pick out your outfits and choose your guest list, and we’ll send over all details and a timeline so don’t you worry ’bout a thing. 🙂


You’re super married! Fly off into the sunset, go out for dinner, rent out a restaurant, have a backyard reception, have your BIG celebration afterwards with ALL yer folks. Carry on.

Q & A:

Wait a sec! Are you a planner?


But we brushed up on our certified wedding planning and design courses books, gathered our many years of professional wedding industry experience, plus slayin’ all types of other events, and planned these awesome unrivaled pop-up weddings!

(YES. We did take those courses. NO. We don’t offer planning services. So any custom pop-up wedding wishes outside of our pre-planned ones would be directed to one of our planner faves.)

I’m a venue/planner/supplier, so can I work with you?!


If you’re a venue, planner, or supplier, and wish to be considered as a partner for any of our future pop-up wedding events, please reach out to us here!

Please note that in order to ensure a high level of quality and service to our exclusive signature event clients, we give partnership priority to those vendors whom we have worked with in the past. If we have yet to work with you, then please reach out to us asap. since we would LOVE to get to know you and work with you soon!

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