Haute Candlescape Centerpiece

Rental Price: $79.00

Description: Per centerpiece: set of 7 assorted hurricane candles

Qty. for 25+ tables

UNLIMITED DESIGN OPTIONS: Our wax granules completely fill out the glass containers they're in for a much more elegant look! Customizable and personalization of glass available with your business logo or name and date for family and friends.

NEW & REUSABLE: Every time. No more fussing with pillar sizes, ugly messy wax, nor soot. No more throwing out expensive partially used pillars.

SAFE & HEALTHY: We offer 100% plant-based wax that is safe, vegan, petroleum-free, and without residue or toxic fumes. Plus they self-extinguish when tipped.

Available for home, office, weddings and events, or monthly subscriptions where we deliver wax and wicks so you never run out! Contact us for luxury candlelight staging services for your interiors or event.

Each 3" wick provides up to 16 hours of burn time.

Rental Price for candle & glass:
S (<8" H & <4.5" D): 9.00 ea. | Qty: 60+
M (8"-12" H & <6" D): 19.00 | Qty. 100+
L (12"-20" H & <6" D): 29.00 l Qty. 45+
XL (20"+): 38.00 | Qty. 12+

SAVE 30% when rented in sets!

Other sets available:
Tabletop Set of 4 | 2S + 2M | 39.00 per set**
Medium Set of 8 | 4S + 4M | 79.00 per set**
Floor Set of 9 | 3S + 3M + 2L + 1XL | 139.00 per set**

**Includes the following services:
-handwashing and hand drying each glass hurricane to remove any smudges, dust, or film
-individually packing each hurricane with clean packing materials into bag-lined clean totes/crates/racks for safe transport
-receiving them upon return
-includes wax removal when used with our wax candles.

Wax candles are only available with the rental of our glass containers.

RENTAL PRICING: Items are priced individually and per event unless noted otherwise. Rental price = item price + prep price (which INCLUDES the following services: thoroughly and carefully maintaining, pulling, cleaning, and packing each item before going out, and receiving them upon return). Want to learn more about the cost of renting from Relics, including getting it there and then gone? Check out our Investment Guides.
Availability: Add this item to your wishlist and send it over when done, then we'll get back to you ASAP about availability for your date(s). Or don't see what you're looking for? ? Contact us since we may have it.
Weekly/monthly rentals: Send over your wishlist of items with the date(s) you need them, then we'll get back to you with our extended rates.
Need help choosing? Or want us to choose for you? If you want our look for your event or for your own space, then our design team is here to help! Just tell us (by submitting the form) a few details such as when, where, about your style and space, then we'll take care of the rest: fully styled, delivered, and setup.
Please note that during the RNC & DNC and other peak times, event orders will be subject to single-day event rental rates for each 24-hour period out of our warehouse.

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