We really want to help you take your collaboration/styled shoot to the next level! We love collaborating with our friendors every chance we get, and we realize that pulling together a collaboration/styled shoot with multiple vendors can be challenging and similar to planning a full event or wedding. Therefore, to make our part in this process simple for you and a mutually beneficial experience for everyone involved, please review our policies below by completing and submitting this form.

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To become eligible for discounted items, the collaboration/styled shoot must meet the following criteria. Otherwise, rentals are available at our standard rates.
Will the images from the shoot be submitted for publication with Relics given appropriate credit?*
Are you a current or past Relics client or referring vendor/venue?*
Is this form being submitted before the one month deadline?*
Is this styled shoot profit-free?*
All photos from the styled shoot must be shot by a professional photographer.*
Will any non-Relics inventory be used in the shoot?*
Like you, Relics immensely enjoys collaborating with friendors and looks forward to the end result of such time and efforts: amazing photos to share on social media and in marketing materials. Therefore, in exchange for the discounted items, Relics requires the marketing rights to all images from the styled shoot/event. Relics is to receive access to both high-resolution and web images within 2 months with the understanding that they will be used for social media and marketing purposes. Relics will of course wait on any publication conflicts and give appropriate credit if notified in advance.*
Unless otherwise discussed beforehand, a minimum of 3 images with the model(s) & 3 detailed images without the model(s) are requested for EACH item/vignette.*
Appropriate credit must be given in any publications, social media posts, “sneak peeks”, etc. in exchange for discounted items. In this age of social media, this is a no-brainer and we’re stating the obvious, but Relics asks that ALL participating vendors please be considerate and tag/credit Relics on ALL photos containing Relics' items that will be used in ALL vendors' marketing platforms. Relics will do likewise.*
A valid credit card is required on file for incidentals along with a signed rental contract, completed Styled Shoot Info Form, and a completed Sponsor/Partner Request Form.*
All rentals’ use and care policies must be followed.*
We absolutely LOVE loaning out our items to our friendors for styled shoots, but accidents do happen (albeit on very rare occasions). And since we have had the honor of participating in so many of these collaborations where we were not always available for delivery nor onsite assistance, we have noticed that when friendors are aware that they are responsible for our items, they take better care of them. As a result, we have implemented the same policy for styled shoot orders that we require of our customers.

  • Transportation – All Relics' rentals must be transported in a fully enclosed vehicle/trailer.
  • Bring appropriate help – If opting for will-call, we’ll have your order ready, but you bring your own moving supplies and assistance for loading and unloading.
  • Schedule a delivery or pick up appointment AND a retrieval or return appointment – We prefer week days between 10 AM – 3 PM M-F by appointment only. With our busy schedules, please ensure that you are punctual with the time agreed upon. Any deviation will require immediate communication. We will consider after hours appointments on a case-by-case basis and must be SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE. Please allow us ample notice to consider our schedules if exceptions need to be made outside of normal business hours.
  • Order confirmation – A valid credit card is required on file in the event of damage/missing items along with a signed contract containing the rental order. Because orders will be out of the supervision of Relics’ personnel, a participating vendor/individual must be responsible for our items once they leave our dock until their return.
  • CAREFUL! The majority of damages occur during transport due to improper handling and loading. We strongly recommend, whenever possible, that the same persons do all handling of our items from the time they leave our dock until their return to ensure consistency of proper care.
  • INCIDENTALS: The Limited Damage Waiver covers normal wear and tear of our rentals. However, upon the return of broken or damaged rentals, which is due to gross negligence of the client, or if rentals are not returned, Client will be billed for the replacement cost of such rental(s), as determined by an appraiser chosen by Relics. We also charge for missing equipment (i.e. totes, tubs, containers, moving supplies). Damaged or missing items must be reported prior to the shoot or the items are considered received and in good condition.
*You may receive the following discounts in rentals for one collaboration/styled shoot order within 6 months of your most recent order with us:
100% discount for $20K+ in total rentals sales over the past 12 months
90% discount for $18.5K+ in total rentals sales over the past 12 months
80% discount for $17K+ in total rentals sales over the past 12 months
70% discount for $15.5K+ in total rentals sales over the past 12 months
60% discount for $14K+ in total rentals sales over the past 12 months
50% discount for $12.5K+ in total rentals sales over the past 12 months
40% discount for $11K+ in total rentals sales over the past 12 months
30% discount for $10.5K+ in total rentals sales over the past 12 months
20% discount for $10K+ in total rentals sales over the past 12 months
10% discount for <$10K in total rentals sales over the past 12 months

Alternatively, come play at our place! If you have a confirmed client order with us in the past month or you are a current Relics Trunk Club or Relics Studio member, then our studio is available free of charge with advanced reservations to host your styled shoot using any of our accessible rental inventory. See additional policy info at

**If you are a new vendor/venue to us, we can’t wait to get to know you! For those who are past Relics clients or have referred us in the past, we hope to work with you and your clients again very soon so please let us know when you or your clients are ready to place an order. Otherwise, please have one of your participating partners that is a current or past client of ours reach out so we can make sure you receive the proper discount for your collaboration/styled shoot order. In the meantime, we’d like to offer a 10% discount on your next order!

Failure to comply with the policies listed above will result in you becoming unable to continue to borrow items from us at a discounted rate, and we will be unable to refer your services to our clients.

My answers to the above questions/statements are honest and accurate and I agree to abide by them:

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Primary Contact Person

Please note that submission of this form does not guarantee Relics Rentals as a partner for your styled shoot. Once we receive this signed agreement, we'll be in touch with whether or not we'll move forward. We'll return a signed copy for your records if we move forward.  Due to the overwhelming number of styled shoot requests, we only consider a very small number per year so please submit your forms as soon as possible. Of the few that are considered, we only consider those that complete this agreement AND the Sponsor/Partner Request Form at the bottom of the Brand Partnership page on our website AND the Styled Shoot Info Form.

We can’t wait to hear about your ideas! In order for us to accommodate your requests as best we can, please contact us asap so we can get started right away.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
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