Living Room Staging Furniture and Decor Rentals

For Real Estate Professionals + Designers + Homestagers

Relics Rentals believes that life is far too short to settle for boring rental furniture. Staging a home? Dial up the luxe with a high-end designer sofa or crank up the homespun charm with wicker or a rustic church pew. Planning a wedding or special event? Make it unforgettable with Baroque-style carved settees, antique thrones, and vintage club chairs with jewel-tone velvet cushions perfect for making Instagram followers swoon.

Every piece of furniture, every lamp, and every dish in the Relics Rentals collection was hand-picked for quality, style, and presence. This is furniture that is meant to make a bold statement not fade into the background. If you are planning a special event, staging a home, or setting up a photo shoot or stage production in the Milwaukee area, we need to talk.

Living Room Staging Furniture and Decor Rental Collection

From an airy English cottage to a stately smoking club, Relics Rentals has carefully curated living room furnishings to fit every space and every style.

Sofas, Settees, and Chairs to Rent

Mid-century modern to post-modern leather sectionals, stately tufted plush traditional sofas, baroque-styled Victorian settees, and airy wicker outdoor sofas.

Dramatic Empire-backed wicker “thrones”, wooden folding chairs, wingback chairs, cozy club chairs, and more.

Coffee, Side, and Sofa Table Rentals

Coffee tables, side tables, sofa tables, end tables, and more. Choose from carved antique wood, sleek stone and tile, modern metal and glass, and lightweight wicker, or mix and match for an eclectic look.

Accent Furniture Rentals

Add large upholstered ottomans, and colorful leather or upholstered poufs for stylish overflow seating options. Use our large floor easels to hold everything from artwork to event itineraries, bar menus, a venue map, presentation materials, home listing details, or anything else you can imagine.

Living Room Decor Rentals

Finish your living room staging look with unique vases, framed artwork, mirrors, candles, lamps, and more. Toss in a selection of soft pillows, and a cozy, or colorful throw rug or two for a truly immersive experience.

Relics Rentals Service Areas: How Far Are We Willing to Go?

Relics Rentals delivers our unique staging and event furnishings & decor from our warehouse and showroom in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are happy to bring our one-of-a-kind stylings to our neighbors and friends in the following metropolitan cities, and their surrounding suburbs.

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Madison, Wisconsin

Why Choose Relics Rentals for Living Room Staging Furniture and Decor Rental?

Real Estate Agents

Home shoppers will often tour at least 8 to 10 homes in person and view dozens more in pictures and virtual tours before finally taking the leap and making an offer. Make sure your client’s homes are top of mind for home shoppers with living room staging that stands out from the cookie-cutter neutrals and trendy basics they will see in other homes.

Event Planners

Whether you are a soon-to-be-bride, a corporate event planner or you simply want to throw the birthday bash of the century, Relics Rentals is your one-stop-shop just because with everything you need for a party your guests will be talking about for days. Imagine a swanky holiday gala where guests sip champagne while lounging on jewel-toned velvet settees and sofas with fanciful baroque-style carved wood accents. Picture an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding or sweet-sixteen party where guests nibble on pastel pastries and sip pink punch while perched on a variety of colorful poufs or snap court from grand empire-backed wicker “thrones”. How about a grassy field or cool forest clearing with rustic antique church pews draped with flowing tulle, ribbons, and flowers, setting the stage for

Whether you are looking to make the sale, close the deal, delight the crowd, or impress the Instagram crowd, Relics Rentals has the one-of-a-kind living room furnishings, accent pieces, serving pieces, and decor to bring your vision to life. There is no need to spend months running all over Milwaukee or Chicago hunting down the perfect pieces one by one.

We did the leg work for you. The team behind Relics Rentals has been carefully curating show-stopping antique and vintage furniture, fine china, and decor for decades and bringing it all together under one roof in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin warehouse.

We will even handle the heavy lifting for you. Pick out your pieces and tell us where and when you need your furniture. Our team will show up well ahead of time, unpack your selections, and place them in your living room, ballroom, or outdoor venue. When the party’s over, and the last selfie has been snapped, we will come back and gather it all back up again. 

Living Room Staging Furniture and Decor Rentals in Milwaukee

Ready to start planning your soiree? If you have seen the other living room furniture rental Milwaukee options it is time to see what we can do. We welcome event planners, realtors, florists, caterers, and anyone looking for antique and vintage sofa rentals and rental chairs in Milwaukee, Chicago, Green Bay, Madison, and the surrounding areas.

Why settle for the same living room staging furniture everyone else has when Relics Rentals makes it so easy to stand out from the crowd? Browse our full collection of living room seating, tables, lighting, rugs, and decor. Get inspired by our themed room scenes or mix and match pieces to create a style that is all your own. Call us at (262) 227-3003 during regular business hours and one of our design team will be happy to walk you through our many options.

We will even handle the delivery and set-up and when the party is all over we’ll come back and pick it all up again. One-of-a-kind living room furnishings delivered to your doorstep and a breakdown crew? That is a hard deal to beat.

We are ready to get this party started whenever you are!  

Here’s how to get in touch and get the disco ball rolling on your next event:

Talk to one of our expert collection curators at (262) 227-3003, or make an appointment to browse our collection in person at our downtown Milwaukee warehouse located at 420 S 1st, in the heart of Milwaukee. Have a lot to say? Put it in an email and send it to [email protected]

We can’t wait to help you create your dream space!