How It Works

a simple step-by-step guide

01. Get inspired!

•Look through our Albums.

•Check out our latest #IRL work on the ‘gram for endless ideas.

•OR just explore.


02. Shop our rentals.

•Browse our rental collections by category.

•OR explore our services.

03. Create a wishlist.

•Heart what you love: whether individual items, packages, or styled lounges.

•Not sure what you need? We got you. Check out our design services. Or start here.

•Wanna crunch numbers first? Start with our Investment Guide for Events or Investment Guide for Staging. Plus, for your convenience, our rentals, packages, and styled lounges also have pricing.

•OR just ring us or write us.

04. Say hi!

•Next, we chat, since we’ll need a bit more info before we can send a quote. Our design experts will be in touch to set up a call. Share your story, swap ideas. It’ll be great! 

•No time? We’ll reach out shortly via email about how to complete a rental reservation.

05. Let's meet.

Wanna see your picks in person? Our design experts can schedule an in-person private appointment during your initial call or some time before your event. We’re by appointment because we’re often out servicing your awesome events & spaces and the pedestrian doors of our reliquary do stay locked. Plus, we want to ensure that your pieces are actually there and not out on orders during your visit.

06. Reserve your rentals.

We’ll email you a proposal for your review. Once you’ve finalized your rentals and services, you can reserve them for your date(s) with a nonrefundable payment or deposit.

07. Enjoy!

We know you’ll be busy on the day of so we’ve got you covered! Our installation team (a.k.a. a keen-eyed detail-oriented loot-curating beautifying support team of unpackers & placers) will deliver your pieces. Otherwise, will-call pickup at our place is available. 

08. That's a wrap!

After you’ve heard raves throughout and upon leaving, then our friendly crew will go back afterwards to whisk our rentals away. Otherwise, will-call drop-off at our place is available. 

09. Tell us & others!

  • We wanna hear from you! The good. And the bad, if there was any, because we wanna be better and do better. Please ring us or write us.
  • Loved us? Please share! We love referrals!
  • Have photos for posting? Please tag us on social media at @relicsrentals.
  • See a place online to leave us a review? Relics strives to earn “5 stars” and positive feedback from EVERY customer we work with, and we’d love for you to review our business and services. As a small business, we thrive on excellent reviews that let future clients know exactly what to expect when working with us. Feel free to use copy/paste to post the same review across any or all forums.
  • Be in touch soon! Think Relics first for your next event!

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